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One Day Courses

Get Motivated with NLP

There are things you know you should be doing. You might even want to do them. But you’re not doing them. Use NLP to connect to your goals, set priorities, and find the energy to get busy so that you get more of what you want.

Build Agreement with NLP

Use NLP to boost your communication results in speaking and writing. Learn the four steps to success in getting what you want by gaining attention, building bridges, priming with metaphor, and making a clear ask when you have permission to ask. Whether you’re a teacher, coach, manager or sales person, your work depends on getting other people to do stuff. Getting agreement is the foundation for getting things done.

The 3Rs for Quick, Effective Coaching Conversations

Learn the 3 Rs: reflect, reframe and resource. Any one of these tools might help someone shift perspective and find new motivation to make change happen. Combined, they provide a great summary of effective coaching. In this one day course you will learn to transform  your conversation by reflecting so that someone can see their own situation more clearly, reframing so that they can move their focus to uncover new possibilities, and resourcing by drawing out the strengths and experiences that will support change. A great day for managers, teachers, trainers, parents, and coaches.

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