NLP Practitioner Certification: NLP Communication Strategies 

Communication is the process that transfers information and states from one person to another in ways that achieve predictable results. The same skills and understanding can drive communication that informs, collaborates or persuades. Communication also allows you to manage your own experience by managing the dynamics of social interaction. When you communicate effectively, you are able to maintain the states you choose by creating conditions in your relationships that support those states. 

Strategies are processes we use to create predictable, positive results. Strategies for communication require that you: 

  • set your criteria for success
  • understand what the other person experiences
  • know how to lead the other person to think, respond and react in ways that allow you to meet your criteria for success.

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 to Register.  Certification costs $1750 + HST each and may be paid all at once or by instalments.

1) Know What You Want. One of the basic principles of NLP is “The meaning of a communication is the feedback it gets.”  On this first day, you will practice setting yourself up for success by clearly defining your purpose for a communication, the perspectives you will need to match to influence others, and the criteria you will use to evaluate your success.

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2) Language is a Dance, not a Battle. We use NLP models of language to demonstrate that all language requires collaboration from the receiver. You will practice building agreement, making suggestions, and giving directions by making your language more inclusive or more specific. Most importantly, you will learn to anticipate or notice the responses of your audience and choose language that works with them.

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3) Setting Up Success. You probably know that it’s possible to set people up to experience specific states. This day is designed to show you how to use priming, framing and metaphors to set up ideas and states that will make your audience more receptive to your message and more likely to respond in useful, positive ways.

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4) Strategies for Communication. This is a day for practicing the integration of the skills of language, rapport, perception and goal formation into strategies that support your goal to inform, collaborate or persuade.  Learn how to use narrative structures to move your audience through shifts until they reach the states in which they are most likely to agree and participate in the actions that will drive the results you want.

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