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The 6 Core Skills of NLP

Reverse engineer the skills for leadership, influence and social connection.

 A better life starts with better choices. We start with reliable techniques for self awareness and goal setting. Then we move to self-management: how can you match your state of mind to the impact you want to have? When you can manage yourself, you can build awareness of how you are influencing people and situations (and how they are influencing you). And then you can learn to use language to ask better questions, uncover useful information and lead people into agreement.

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Focus on what you want.  If you don’t know what you want, you have to be prepared to like what you get. So we start with identifying how you know what you want. Build purpose, presence and tangible outcomes.

Change the feelings you don’t want. Change your feelings about the past so that you can move freely through your future. What’s slowing you down? Proven techniques to change patterns, habits, and reclaim all of your strengths.

Understand influence. Human beings are socially wired creatures. We respond unconsciously to the influence of others. It takes skill and willpower to know when you are leading and when you are following.

Step outside yourself for better perspective. Learn to apply ‘guess and test’ to situations - see the feedback loops that let you know how you are influencing and being influenced by people,  situations, and your past experience.

Ask better questions. Use questions effectively to uncover the information you need and grow influence, innovation and collaboration.

Build agreement. Develop agreements strong enough to make action happen. Tell stories that model how change happens and what it will mean. ay yes (and hear it) more often.  

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