Now #Online: NLP Practitioner Certification

Now more than ever, you need the skills you will build in our NLP Practitioner certification. Learn to course correct as the world changes around you. Learn that your computer can become transparent, allowing you to make powerful, direct connections through visual and audio calls. Learn that you can develop the power to make good choices and keep moving forward, whatever life throws at you.

Here’s what is great in our interactive, online training:

  • learn in short, intense bursts calculated to help you stay focused and  in your best learning state
  • pay attention to just one or two people at a time in breakout exercises designed to build your acuity
  • anchor your learning to your home so that you can fire those anchors more often
  • meet people from across the country without any commute time or travel costs
  • incorporate NLP techniques into your online communication style to heighten your effectiveness as you communicate online at home and work

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 to register.

Each course runs for eight days online, as an intensive (two four-day segments) or as four weekends (or weekday units). Classes run from 10am to 5:30pm, with breaks from 12pm to 1pm and from 3pm to 3:30pm. You can take the two parts in whatever order works for you, but you must complete all 8 days to be certified.

The NLP Practitioner Certification: Develop a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means learning from whatever just happened so that you make your future better. It requires that you understand how to manage your own mindset and emotions, recognize the impact other people have on you, and make changes under stress that build strength. Above all, it means having a system for staying focused on the future you want to create.

The NLP Practitioner Certification: Communication Strategies

The quality of your relationships is the quality of your life. Better relationships lead to increased engagement and productivity at work and increased health and well-being at home. Learn fresh, powerful ways to change your communication so that you build the influence, connection and collaboration you want.

 Our price list is here. There are no extra charges or fees for paying by instalment and we offer discounts for couples who register together, post-secondary students and seniors.

Become Part of a Learning Community

  • We hold events almost every week. As a practitioner, attend all #freeNLP events, all practitioner certification courses, and all practitioner events so you can develop your skills without any further charges.
  • Enjoy discounts on special courses or coaching with Linda Ferguson.
  • Take the certification in person at no extra charge when it is offered again.
  • Connect with people from different fields who are curious about how to make change happen. Develop a resource network that will support your most innovative thinking and your commitment to developing better habits

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