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Short Workshops 

 All events run from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at 47 Queen's Park Cres. E., Toronto. unless otherwise stated.

All short workshops are designed to introduce NLP to newcomers and to provide NLP practitioners with an opportunity to refresh and extend their skills. 

Please email Linda if you would be interested in having a version of one of these workshops offered at your workplace or organization. We’re happy to work with you to tailor specifics that meet your needs.

What is the NLP Practitioner training?

#Newthisyear! A short program to answer the questions on everyone’s mind: “what is NLP?” “what is a practitioner?” and “how does this stuff work?”  As a bonus, you might leave understanding why so many people keep coming back to NLP for years after they have completed their training.

Self Discovery with NLP

Be More Confident with NLP

Almost everyone wants to be more confident. Is it possible? This workshop will allow you to explore the components of confidence. You’ll learn where to find what you need to walk into any situation more aware that you have what you need to get what you want.

Get Motivated with NLP

Learn why change takes so much energy and how you can generate enough energy to make change happen. Discover how knowing what you want, amping up your most useful states, and connecting with models makes the difference that allows people to change their lives.

Life Stories with NLP

There’s no better way to connect and motivate than to tell ‘true’ stories from life. Stories allow us to synchronize our rhythms, sensory imagination and emotional experience. We make a connection to the teller, and we imagine having the experiences in the story. It’s a powerful combination that allows patterns in the story to influence choices in real life. Find out how to tell your stories to build your relationships and motivate action. 

Build Strengths with NLP

Manage Stress with NLP 

Too much stress is a killer. It interferes with every aspect of your well-being: sleeping, eating, thinking and connecting are all upset by too much stress. Too little stress will leave you restless, unproductive and uncreative. The key is not to avoid stress but to manage your energy, resourcefulness and outcomes so that stress in your life is challenging not exhausting. We’ll outline an NLP strategy for shifting stress levels so that you can find your best stress level for every situation.

Change Habits with NLP 

Are you tired at being at the mercy of your own habits? Most of us have habits we would like to change, but it’s really hard to change a habit. Habits are wired into our brains because they work, because we get something good from doing our bad habits. We do them with so automatically and with so little effort that we often miss the chance to make a change. Learn how to separate your habits from the good they do so that your mind and brain have the energy to try something different. 

Relaxed and Ready 

If there’s something you really want to achieve, you need to be able to sustain the right mindset and focus to achieve it. You can’t afford distractions and stress to throw you off your best game. The world’s top athletes learn to separate significance from stress so that they can be at their best in their most significant competitions. You can learn too. Come out and experience relaxed and ready, the optimal state for performing when your performance matters most.

Build Relationships with NLP

Quick Connections with NLP

Whatever you want to do or to be, you are going to need other people to participate in your experience and in your success. But it’s not always easy to meet new people, and it’s even harder to form a connection that you both are willing to grow. In this fun, interactive workshop, we’ll practice meeting new people in ways that lead to connection and curiosity. You’ll use what you learn each time you walk into an interview, a networking event, or a meeting with people you don’t yet know.

Say What You Want: Communicate with NLP

This is a half day intensive workshop on making sure that what you are saying is what you want to say. Learn to form an outcome, analyze a situation, shape a story, and practice. It's a proven system for improving your communication so that you can be clear, be heard and be effective.

3 Step Sales Process (for People Who Have to Sell to Work)

You might not think of yourself as a sales person, but if you don’t make sales, you don’t get to coach, train, or help. Whatever your field, this course will boost your sales confidence and give you an ethical, effective process for making the sale so you can make a difference.

NLP for Families

Parents often swing between befriending and bossing their children. Is there a better way? Let’s look at how the NLP model of leadership helps parents connect with their kids, show them the big picture, and support them in owning their own experience. Whether your child is 3 or 30 (or even older), a leader’s perspective and skill set will help you forge a more satisfying relationship that gets better results for you and your kids. 

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