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Linda Ferguson

What will you gain from working one to one with Linda Ferguson. Linda coaches people to connect with existing strengths in new ways and to develop new skills to manage themselves and their connections to other people. Consider working with Linda when you are:

  • working to identify the next challenge worth achieving
  • ready to make a change but unsure how to make it happen and support it consistently
  • looking for new communication strategies to handle difficult situations or people

Linda is opening up some spots for one to one work beginning September 17,  2019. All in-person sessions will be on Tuesdays between 11am and 7pm. I’ll also have limited availability for some sessions on Saturday afternoons.

The TroubleShooter

This 3 session package is designed to set you on the path to resolving a problem. You might use it to define a new goal, to get past a stumbling block that’s slowing your progress, or to identify new strategies for communicating in a relationship at home or at work. Register for this package if:

  • you know what you want to change and need some new strategies for making it happen
  • you want to work with a guide to set a new direction for your life or work
  • you want to work through a better way to relate to someone at home or at work

Fees:  $600 + HST, payable before first session by cheque or credit card. If you are an NLP Canada Training practitioner, your fee is just $450 + HST.

Performance Coaching

This 6 session package will allow you to find the vision, the grit, and the soft skills you need to achieve excellence in your personal or professional life.  You’ll learn to access peak performance states, identify leverage points, and remove blocks in your feelings, behaviours or relationships that impact your ability to improve and achieve. Register for this package if:

  • you are eager to fine tune the skills you use to build excellence in whatever you do
  • you are working on a bigger challenge and want coaching to approach it systematically over time
  • you want to sort through an internal block to consistent, sustainable growth or life satisfaction

Fees: $1200 + HST, payable $700 before the first session and the balance by pre-authorized monthly payments. If you are an NLP Canada Training practitioner, your fee is just $900 + HST.

The Trusted Advisor

This is a monthly retainer-based program for people who have either completed NLP certification at NLP Canada Training or who have completed the performance coaching package. It is designed to give direction and performance coaching to individuals who are looking for a trusted advisor to provide ongoing support for their businesses or personal goals. This package includes at least one in-person meeting each month and weekly phone sessions and email follow up. Register for this package to:

  • use NLP processes to support your management of personal states, feelings, and blocks so that you remain at your best as you address business and life goals
  • use NLP and design thinking to strategize for innovation or problem solving
  • use Linda’s expertise in communication and language to improve your messaging and delivery in person and in writing

Fees: $900 + HST payable monthly (in advance) with a minimum 3 month commitment. If you are an NLP Canada Training practitioner, your fee is just $750 + HST.

Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3