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Ann DeLuca

Ann DeLuca is a certified NLP Trainer at NLP Canada Training. She is also certified as a coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Here are excerpts from Ann DeLuca’s website.

"I help people stop running away from what they don't want and start running towards what they DO want. They are able to sift through the “stuff” that is holding them back and start taking the small steps that start them moving towards something that they want. Think this is an easy question to answer? What do you really want?

"My clients are typically people just like you, who have decided there must be something more for them and they don’t know what it is. They are feeling stuck and without any choices.  Which, by the way, is almost NEVER true.

The common denominator? My clients recognize that having a partner to work through a roadblock is a way to open up options that they can't see on their own.

Think about it. How would it feel to start running towards what you want?

You can expect me to support you as I lead you through a process to discover your next step towards getting the result you want.

Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Going!"

Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3