Philip Clarke: Learn to Live Coaching

Scope of Practice:

Confidence coaching helps to foster change within clients by focusing on what is or has been historically successful for the client, thereby the clients own resources as the groundwork for realistic change.

The main process I use is Neuro linguistic Programming, developed by Bandler and Grinder, which is a set of techniques that help people to reframe their personal experiences and integrate a new perspective to allow the desired change to happen. However I also draw from other areas of personal development such as ACT and UMAB. In addition I have also been involved in coaching high school and university athletes and stage performers to help with performance anxiety issues. 

I collaborate with each client to create a uniquely designed programme in order to reframe and  integrate the experiences that already exist in the client's own memory, and devise new strategies to create  growth and change. 

I work with clients who are experiencing a variety of states which are not useful in helping them to accomplish their goal or to feel at ease with life. These states can show up in both the mind and the body as - negative emotions; stress; sleeplessness; fatigue; performance block; difficulty making decisions; feeling pressured; negative self talk; unease in social situations and more.

Contact me  to begin the discussion. at or by phone/text at 416-818-8961

I have been using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) methods for the past four years to help people move beyond being stuck and to create enough ease and calm that they can plan and decide on goals that are achievable. 

Coaching Program:

Each session is designed for the specific requirements of the client and consist of a combination of the following activities:

  • Building rapport and assessing whether my areas of practice are right for the client;
  • Establish goals and outcomes for coaching;
  • Develop a creating a future process, so that goals are in the future
  • Begin to develop a long range plan with the client;
  • Discuss and designs tasks relating to the work at hand;
  • Restate goals and agreed tasks. Both client and coach agree to do the tasks in the ensuing week;
  • Client and coach set a date for the next meeting.

1. Light Shift

The program consists of 3 sessions each approximately one hour.

2. Full Shift:

This program consists of 6 sessions.

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