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The NLP Canada Training Story

At NLP Canada Training, we have evolved a form of NLP that is based on the work of John Grinder and others in New Code NLP. Everything we develop is in response to months and years of practice and observation of what shapes the most effective learning experience for our clients. We take seriously the idea that NLP is developed by close and repeated observation of how people get results and we apply this to our own training. It is continuously evolving as we find ways to make learning stick better so that our clients can apply it consciously and unconsciously in their lives and work.

Over the years, we have made substantial changes in how we frame and practice the patterns of NLP. NLP was developed to accurately capture and replicate more of people’s experience when they were successful (it also allows one to change unsuccessful processes). We use the best information available from reputable researchers in neuropsychology, behavioural economics, and related fields.  Our commitment is to transform the best information into something that our practitioners can apply in their lives and work. We observe the results of our teaching and make changes to improve our results.

Everyone who has contributed to NLP has come into the field with a particular background and experience that colours their contributions. Linda Ferguson came to the field with a doctorate in literature and fifteen years of experience that included storytelling, business communication and teaching in post-secondary settings. Her understanding of language is substantially different than that of a linguist or psychologist, and adds new layers and possibilities to the way we train metaphor, voice and story. This makes it easier for people to change in their language patterns and allows them to pick up on new layers of meaning in the communication of others.

We are outliers in the world of NLP. Linda Ferguson has not been certified by any of the big players in NLP. Although I have researched their training, I cannot in good conscience take trainings that include some of the staples of NLP: eye patterns, sensory preferences, and meta programs are all examples of NLP techniques that run counter to what science tells us about how people work. Some of the most famous trainers are now changing the way they teach these things, but you will still find them on most NLP lists of competencies. 

When you train with us, we cannot guarantee that everyone in the NLP world will be impressed by your credentials. We guarantee, instead, that we will give you the best available information on how the mind/brain/body system works and we will give you practice in applying that in useful ways. We offer a practical way to get into your own head.

Linda R. Ferguson, Ph.D., Senior Partner

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