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The NLP Canada Training Story

At NLP Canada Training, we have evolved a form of NLP that is based on the work of John Grinder and others in New Code NLP. Everything we develop is in response to months and years of practice and observation of what shapes the most effective learning experience for our clients. We take seriously the idea that NLP is developed by close and repeated observation of how people get results and we apply this to our own training. It is continuously evolving as we find ways to make learning stick better so that our clients can apply it consciously and unconsciously in their lives and work.

Over the years, we have made substantial changes in how we frame and practice the patterns of NLP. NLP was developed to accurately capture and replicate more of people’s experience when they were successful (it also allows one to change unsuccessful processes). We use the best information available from reputable researchers in neuropsychology, behavioural economics, and related fields.  Our commitment is to transform the best information into something that our practitioners can apply in their lives and work. We observe the results of our teaching and make changes to improve our results.

Beyond NLP: Leading Words

NLP Canada Training is committed to fostering a community that fosters the deliberate optimism we all need to reach our best selves and our top performance.  We invite our graduates to speak at events and to participate in retreats and advanced programming designed for growth beyond the limits of NLP.

When you complete a practitioner or master practitioner training with us, you are welcomed to participate in our Leading Words training and coaching. We feature our graduates as speakers at events that support a mindful community of continuous learning.  We run coffee house groups for solving wicked problems with peer-based design and learning. And we offer tough, smart coaching for reaching your best performance in thought, vision, and communication.

In 2015, we launched these programs with Leading Words, a one day symposium. Visit www.leadingwords.ca for upcoming programs and events.

Our 2015 Symposium was a day of conversation, ideas, connections and laughter. Here’s a short podcast introduction to the keynote for the event.


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