About Us

NLP Canada Training continues a line of NLP brought to Canada in the late 1980s. Our founder was trained by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in one of the earliest NLP Practitioner trainings. Since then, we have operated continuously for more than 20 years developing new approaches to using and training NLP.

We are not affiliated with any other NLP associations. We value the freedom to let go of what doesn’t work and build on what does. Franchises expect consistency. We expect continuous improvement based on the best current information.

Since 2003, we have been more than a company that trains. We are a community that learns. We host an active community that leverages their curiosity and commitment to improvement. There are many events throughout the year where practitioners can gather in our office for master classes, participate in leading trainings, or just connect and collaborate. 

We’re also active in private Facebook groups, where we share resources and information that help us feel better, do better and be better at all aspects of ethical communication and influence.

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