Know Your Best Self

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of your best self. It might be in a memory, or in a moment when you say exactly the right thing, in a dream you have for a different future.  It’s you at full power,  you when all parts of you are working together and you know that your life has purpose and meaning and joy. You would love to be this self all the time. But that’s not real - or is it?

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You’re afraid that you need to make choices. You need to choose success or personal satisfaction. You need to choose relationships or achievement. What’s worse, is that you’re not sure your choices will be enough. Maybe you won’t have either success or satisfaction. Maybe you’re good enough for what you have now, but not good enough for what you feel calling to you from that best self.

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You can’t improve the performance of a machine if you’d don’t know how it works. Your chances of improving you grow by leaps and bounds when you take time to understand how human beings choose, connect and become better. We can help. Our course isn’t just NLP (neurolinguistic programming). We use NLP and the best current research on how people work and we turn it into a toolkit for discovering your patterns, your potential, and the self you glimpse in those really powerful moments. 

NLP Canada Training and the Corona Virus Pandemic: We hold our trainings on the University of Toronto campus and will be closed whenever the University closes. Please understand if our training schedule changes as conditions change.

While we remain committed to in-person NLP training, we will look for ways to provide more online resources to help you stay grounded, connected and positive during this difficult time.

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