Sunday, November 18: NLP in Durham

Rapid Success Coach Offers Change in an Afternoon 

Long-time Pickering Resident Launches Seminar on Changing Attitudes

Toronto – 31 October 2012 – Ron Vereggen, the Rapid Success Coach, is offering a rare public seminar Sunday November 18, 1:30pm, on the UOIT Campus. Vereggen is well-known to local groups for his engaging and energizing speaking on self development. Now he’s ready to take that to a new level with training in Durham. Vereggen says, “I had to travel on the weekends after commuting all week. Now I want to give other Durham residents access to these techniques without that hassle. This seminar on Changing Attitudes is the first in a series that will bring Durham to the leading edge of thinking on change and influence.”

There will be a limited number of spots available for this seminar, so registration is encouraged. To register call 416-928-2394 or click here to register online

Changing Attitudes will introduce the three keys to dealing with one of the most common difficulties in dealing with other people. Vereggen explains, “In my work with individuals and corporations, I hear over and over again that people are frustrated by attitudes that block collaboration and motivation. They don’t like their own bad attitudes and they really don’t like the attitude they get from other people. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t seem possible to change attitudes.  But I can show them in just a few hours that they already have the skills to change their own attitudes and to influence attitudes around them. Change depends on knowing what you want and having a systematic approach to getting it.”

Vereggen believes that the best systems for change work with the natural functions of the human brain. He’s been studying motivation and change for more than twenty years. At the same time, he has built a successful corporate career where he applies the same techniques he will teach on November 18. He’ll be leading the course with Linda Ferguson of NLP Canada Training. “I wanted to bring Linda to Durham. She’s got the strongest program I’ve found in twenty years of studying this stuff. Her methods are grounded in both experience and current science. And she makes it easy to see the connections between the way our brains work and the way we get results.”

When you arrive at the UOIT campus, park in the Champion Lot at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre.  Enter the CRWC and take the first door on the right, then take the stair well up and G 213 is right there.  If anyone has mobility issues, there is an elevator straight down the hallway from the stair well, where the Old Gym is located.

There will be no charge for the seminar, but a $25 donation to the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation is strongly encouraged. “We believe in leverage: finding the point where a small change makes a big difference. That’s a strength of the Children’s Aid Foundation,” says Vereggen.  


Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3