Success, Rest and Resistance in January

January 2013 launches our new focus on training leaders in what they need to know about how human beings manage choice, chance and change. We'll begin with an evening session on rest. 

Yes, usually we schedule a program on goals in January. But people in the NLP Canada Training community are often very good at setting definable, achievable goals and pursuing them with skill and passion. They are high performers at home and at work, fully engaged and in constant pursuit of more elegant ways to succeed.  Often, they miss the most elegant of all: people who rest well have the energy, creativity and will power to respond effectively in more situations. So we'll gather on Tuesday, January 8 to isolate the obstacles to deep, restful sleep and help participants find ways to move around them and get the rest they need to maintain their success.

On Saturday, January 12, Andrew Freund and Linda Ferguson will offer Prepare to Succeed, a program designed to help both practitioners and newcomers focus, gather resources, and edit experiences so they are set for success in the new year.

And we are very excited to welcome training practitioner Michael Murray of MAD Security on January 19/20. Mike and Linda will be offering a master class in managing yourself and your process to work around resistance. Only attend this class if you are sure you'd like to the ability to become irresistible.

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