Holding the space where change happens

All change requires space in which movement  occurs. This space can sometimes be a physical space but it is always a mental space that is easy to experience and difficult to define. If you want to make change happen, you need to know how to hold the space. This means not just creating an opening where someone can move, but keeping it open while people stretch into the space and decide to inhabit it.

Leaders can experience doubt but they won’t get movement unless they can keep that doubt outside the space where change happens. This is not a soft skill. It requires a firm intention and clear boundaries. Within the space, movement is possible. Outside the space, doubt is possible. Only the willpower of the leader keeps the two separate.

If you want to influence, whether as coach or sales person or corporate leader, prepare to train, rigorously, to have the strength to hold the boundaries around th space where change can happen.

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