Gold stars are not training qualifications

Change is a big deal. It involves risk. You should be careful who you let into your head as teachers or trainers or coaches.

There are two kinds of leadership. One involves influencing other people. The other requires taking the first step into unknown territory. Whether you want to influence other people or to explore something new to you, you need to learn from someone who knows what it means to take that first step.

I and the team I lead at NLP Canada Training understand that change begins with risk. We want you to know we’re right for you before you invest in our ideas and our training. I have produced 2 books, more than 60 articles, more than 750 blog posts, several e-books and lots of video. You can visit our symposium site and meet some of our practitioners through their bios, websites and video. 

We hold at least one event a month where you can sample our training and meet some of the people we have trained. 

You will not find a gold star on our website to show we have earned or bought the approval of some other trainer or organization. None of our role models had gold stars. John Grinder did not ask you to trust a gold star that he won from someone else. He asked you to experience his training and trust your own experience. Milton Erickson did not have a hypnosis certification. He was at the leading edge. At that edge, there is no one to hand out gold stars.

Do not trust my gold stars or even my degrees (one is a Ph.D. from a world-class university). Be curious about my qualifications and about the people who have taken my courses. Then take a small step. Read this website or come to a free evening event. 

Experience what we do and trust your own experience. 

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