Curious about NLP? Get started this fall

Whether you're working on a problem or just curious about what else is within your reach, we have two new series of courses that will allow you to grab immediate benefits while learning tools you can use again.

NLP Fundamentals  will run on Wednesday evenings. Each will focus on one of the five principles at the heart of NLP. We'll start on August 28 with Purpose. Although "Purpose" isn't a concept you will find on many NLP websites, it is the difference that makes a difference in applying NLP techniques to get results. The evening program will feature information, interaction and demonstrations of how the principle can be applied even before you study NLP. It's a great way to get started and it's also a great way to recharge your skills and curiosity if you're already a practitioner. 

Applied NLP: Making a Difference in One Day are three new one-day courses that allow you to make progress while developing or refining your NLP practice.  The first is NLP for Achievement, a course that will show you how to use the five core principles of NLP to set goals and develop the strategies and motivation to meet them.  It launches on September 7.  On September 28, we will launch NLP for Solutions: Strategies for Managing Pain and Problems with NLP.  Although NLP is based on outcomes (not problems), arriving at an outcome means moving through the obstacles presented by pain and problems. This will be a great course for anyone who is feeling stuck or anyone who helps people who feel stuck. The final course in the series is NLP for Influence: it runs October 5. 

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