What's New at NLP Canada Training?

Prepare to Succeed: An Introduction to NLP 2

Sunday, December 12, 2010, 10am to 5pm.  $145 + HST or two for $200 + HST


This one day course will do two remarkable things:

1) It will introduce the core practices of NLP and allow participants to learn how NLP works 

2) It will give even accomplished practitioners of NLP a chance to focus on what they want and set themselves up for success in the coming year

What is NLP and how could it change the results you'll get in 2011?  Find out in a fun, fast-paced, interactive course. We'll explore core practices of NLP in paying better attention to yourself, to situations and to other people. You'll notice more about key connections between how you feel, how you perform and how you communicate. And you'll discover that being relaxed and focused allows you to achieve more while feeling terrific.

Whether you are looking forward to the beginning of the new year or dreading a long, cold winter, you'll have a chance to rediscover your inner optimist and generate the energy you need to get busy and get results.

Here's what we guarantee:

• you'll learn NLP concepts and practices

• you'll experience states that access your strengths and competencies

• you'll have fun 

• you'll leave better prepared for success in 2011.

Register by calling Carole at 416-928-2394.

How Hypnosis Works

Thursday, November 4, 7:30pm - 9:30pm  by Donation to World Vision Canada

Have you ever watched a stage hypnotist and wondered how s/he was getting results?  Maybe you've heard that a friend quit smoking or lost weight after visiting a hypnotist.  Does it seem incredible that such great results could come from what seems like so little activity?

In this two hour session, Linda Ferguson will introduce you to the principles that make hypnosis effective, and demonstrate that they are already working in your life whenever you are successfully engaged in getting good results.  You'll experience the difference components that build effective trances, and learn the difference between stage hypnosis, working with a hypnotist and self-hypnosis.

This is a great building block for anyone considering either learning hypnosis or visiting a hypnotist to work on specific issues.

Register by calling Carole at 416-928-2394.

What Scares You & Excites You & Gets You Moving?

The Enneagram is a very old system which is gaining new momentum as a brilliant and useful way of knowing people by noticing how they are motivated.  It's a great way to discover more about yourself and to discover much more about why you are so effective at motivating some people and so frustrated by your attempts to motivate others.  In just 2 days, Dr. Barb Luedecke will guide you through this flexible, sane system for understanding what scares and excites us.

If you're familiar with the Enneagram, this course will intrigue and delight with its emphasis on putting the Enneagram to work in your personal and business relationships.  If you've explored many theories of motivation, you will be delighted by this course's fluid movement from theory to application.   If you're tired of trying to motivate the people around you, you will be energized.

Next dates:  October 30/31 2010, 9AM - 5PM

$445 + HST for one or bring a friend for just $50 more ($495 + HST for two)

$350 + HST for NLP or Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioners certified by NLP Canada Training.

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 to Register.

The Most Exciting Event of our Year

On Saturday, October 16, we will hold our second annual Symposium.  A symposium is not a stuffy academic exercise: it's a chance to sit and talk with really cool people about things that are important to them and to you.  At our symposium, we will be talking about POSSIBILITY.  

Possibility can change your life. It can make you believe that good things are just around the corner - and sometimes that gets you to the corner and sometimes that lets you stay exactly where you are.  What has possibility meant in your life? There may be things that you thought were impossible until you did them and there may be things that you thought were within your reach that proved impossible.  The way you think about all these things changes the way you react when someone presents you with a possibility you had not considered before, a possibility for a new way of thinking or a new way of doing.

When you attend our symposium next Saturday (October 16), you will find yourself intrigued by the interesting people from diverse backgrounds who have taken NLP practitioner training and put it to work in their lives and their jobs.  They are coaches, trainers, educators, performers, healers and entrepreneurs:  all of them get excited about opening up new possibilities.  You will learn from each of them and from the lively conversations they have as panels discussing the bright side - and the dark side - of POSSIBILITY.

POSSIBILITY begins at 9:30am and runs until 6:00pm at the Muzzo Family Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph St. (next to our building at 47 Queen's Park Cres. E.).  After a dinner break, we will close the day with Stories, Songs and Trance: performances by NLP practitioners at the Charbonnel Lounge (across St. Joseph St., just south of St. Mary St. in Elmsley Hall).

The Symposium costs $80 at the door. Call Carole at 416-928-2394 and ask about our discounts when you register before the day of the event or when you register with one or more friends.

Learn more about the Symposium and its Speakers by clicking on the tab at the top of this page or by visiting www.hopesymposium.com.

Event on October 7 Has Been Cancelled

We are very sorry to announce that we have cancelled the event on October 7.  Chris Keeler, Senior Partner, lost his dad to cancer last night and we need the evening on the 7th to pay our respects.  All other events scheduled for October will go on as planned.  If you had hoped to meet Linda and be introduced to NLP, please consider attending the HOPE Symposium on October 16.  Alternatively, call Carole at 416-928-2394 and ask her to arrange a meeting in which Linda will take you through a quick, private introduction to NLP and our training.

Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL news@nlpcanada.com. 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3