What's New at NLP Canada Training?

Meet us at an event in September 2012

September is the month when most Canadians really start a new year. Refreshed by summer sunshine, they take a new look at what they want and how they will go about making it happen.

If you're ready to build momentum on goals, we'd love to meet you. We have some terrific opportunities for you to find the perspective, energy and network that will help you move further faster.

If you're not sure what you want from the rest of this year, we'd love to meet you. We have designed some great programs for settling into yourself, discovering your real priorities, and gaining the energy and focus to commit to them.

Here's what's happening at NLP Canada Training before we begin our fall NLP Practitioner trainings:

Saturday, September 8, 10am to 6pm

Purpose, Presence & Priorities with John Dafos and Linda Ferguson

A day designed to help you be more focused, more present and more committed to moving in the best direction. This is going to be a lovely program. You'll connect with what is best in you and in the people around you. You'll unwind, create space, and then develop clarity about what comes next. You'll leave the room clear, energized and purposeful.

If you completed a Masters in 2011 or 2012, or if you are speaking at the HOPE symposium, this course is our gift to you. The cost for other practitioners and master practitioners is just $50 to cover materials and costs.  

If you're not NLP-trained by NLP Canada Training, you are also welcome to participate. Your cost is $250 which includes a $200 credit towards your practitioner or master practitioner certification.

Wednesday, September 12, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Shiftwork with Ron Vereggen

Ron Vereggen is a partner and trainer at NLP Canada Training. If you're new to NLP, expect to learn a little about how it enables people to make positive changes in themselves and to support positive change in others. If you're a long-time NLPer, expect a chance to work on the shifts you know will move you forward. You'll enjoy the way Ron combines a clear, analytical approach to change with some Ericksonian magic and storytelling.

By donation to Trails Youth Initiatives.

Saturday, September 29, 9:00am to 6:00pm

The HOPE Symposium

Our fourth annual celebration of the community of  NLP Canada Training and the impact that our practitioners have on the world. Wonderful speakers making short, strong presentations on the way Integrity is at the heart of what they accomplish. Many chances for conversation and networking.  A chance to understand what NLP can be at its very best.  And this year, the first look at Linda Ferguson's forthcoming book, Shiftwork.  This is the best value in NLP and it's so much fun.  We hope you'll click on the link above, explore the symposium site, and register to be part of our celebration.

Saturday, October 14, 10:00am to 5:00pm

Making Shift Happen with Ron Vereggen

Whether you are a change professional looking for new perspectives and tools or someone who needs to direct the change in your own life, this one day course will help you make shift happen. Shift is the small change of perspective, energy or action that yields tangible results. Shift is the elegant solution to persuading someone to make a positive change. Shift is the way that people naturally move from where they are to where they want to be.  

Ron Vereggen is an NLP trainer, a Master Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis, an Adler-trained coach, and a professional who is known for getting people to pull together to get the job done.  He'll share some of the principles and practices that make him an effective influencer whether he's working with others or talking himself into meeting his own goals.

Cost $150 includes HST.  NLP Practitioners trained with NLP Canada Training are welcome for $75 includes HST.

Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL news@nlpcanada.com. 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3