What's New at NLP Canada Training?

"I want to know if this stuff works"

When asked what question she would like to have answered by the practitioner training,  a recent student said "I want to know if this stuff works." 

To answer, I showed the class a hammer and asked if a hammer "works." NLP is like the hammer: it works if you apply it correctly and with the right amount of effort. It doesn't work if you leave it in the drawer.

NLP is a set of tools for discovering and replicating patterns of thought and behaviour. Often, it is used to describe with more precision the natural processes that drive satisfaction and achievement. Because it insists that every person can learn from their own best performance, It can be said to work for everyone that wants to replicate their own best days more often.

A better question is to ask "under what conditions will this stuff work?" And the answer is that NLP works for people who are willing to take a look at the benefits they are getting from their current behaviours and take action to get those benefits in ways that also allow them to do better and feel better. If you are not where you want to be, NLP can help you find your direction and the strength to move. 

But NLP only works if you find the courage, self-respect and optimism to do the work.

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