What's New at NLP Canada Training?

Why Study Personality Types?

Personality Notes for NLPCT Canada Enneagram Training, 

 Posted by Barb Luedecke Ph.D., C. Psych., CMC,

Enneagram Personality System Instructor for NLP Canada Training Inc.

Coaching with the Enneagram, April 10& 11, 2010

Personality: What is it? And why should/would you want to know about it…in yourself and others? What will a knowledge of personality do for you?

What it will do for you

Application of the knowledge and awareness of the Enneagram system of personality has been credited with helping save and/or enhance many different types of relationships and situations, including:

• work (dealing better with boss/subordinate(s), team(s), and/or customers/clients and/or

• individual/personal (dealing better with shyness, procrastination, time management, conflict, and/or stress) 

• family (dealing better with spouses/partners, siblings,  children, teenagers, and/or more distant relatives)

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What's Up in Spring 2010

March and April are busy months for certification training.  Our newest group of NLP Practitioners will graduate on March 21. We are always excited to welcome new practitioners into the community!  

In April, we are offering our certification in Coaching with the Enneagram. Whether you have had a long-time interest in the Enneagram or it's brand new to you, you might want to consider this terrific course with Barbara Luedecke. Dr. Luedecke has had a long, successful practice as an organizational consultant and executive coach.  She's well-versed in many different theories of personality, and she tells great stories about how understanding personality can accelerate coaching results.  You'll find that you are intrigued, energized and curious about understanding yourself and others better. The course runs April 10 and 11.

The following weekend, our latest training in Ericksonian Hypnosis begins (April 17/18 and 23/24/25). Mike Mandel is, quite simply, the best.  Everyone who studies with him learns, laughs, and enters into trances with a solid expectation of bringing good things back out of them. If you're interested in how the ability to relax and focus deeply could accelerate your results and improve your quality of life, this is a terrific course.

We're also offering our first course at the Centre for Spirituality at Work on March 29. Whether you are in need of some inspiration or curious about how to inspire others, you'll enjoy this evening program and you'll get to network with other people who believe that our quality of life is part of our quality of work.

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