An Overview of Our Programs

Every training at NLP Canada Training starts with  credible information about how people manage emotions, build relationships, and make choices. We translate that information into practical techniques you can use right away. Our courses  are designed to build skills quickly and reliably so you can put them to work immediately.

Experience Change in a Workshop

Don’t take our word for it. Every month we host #freeNLP events that welcome you to build a skill or focus through practice. We offer short courses that use NLP to teach new ways to set goals and directions, to build agreement, and to lead through communication. 

Our core programs are changing. The NLP Practitioner Certification will not be offered until we can do classroom training without masks. That could be a long wait. We don’t believe that course can be offered online effectively, so we’re offering a new option.

Certification in NLP Practices

We’re introducing two new four-day courses to give you the skills of the NLP Practitioner Certification. Both will run in small, interactive groups online. When you complete both courses, you will earn the new NLP Practices Certification, which has all the benefits of our old certification optimized for applying your learning to make a difference for yourself and lead change in others.

One will focus on the NLP techniques and principles to manage your choices, feelings and goals so that you stay committed to growth and progress.  The other course will teach  NLP techniques and principles for building relationships, communicating clearly, and influencing effectively.

These courses will be designed to give you the core skill set of the NLP practitioner course using a schedule and exercises that have been optimized for online training. When you take both courses, you will be awarded the new NLP Practices Certification. You’ll have all the rights of our other practitioners, including the right to take the face to face certification at no additional charge. And you’ll be qualified to take the Master Practitioner Certification.

Certification as an NLP Master Practitioner

Our NLP Master Practitioner Certification has always been unique in the way it builds on the practitioner skill set to allow you to achieve a genuinely new level of understanding and practice. We are able to offer this course online because the fundamental skills in NLP allow for participants to manage their own states and communication more effectively. We will be offering the Master Practitioner course online until we are able to offer classroom training again. 

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