Storywork Courses for Influence and Coaching

How Stories Work: Using Stories in Coaching and Influence

Saturday March 8, 2014 from 10:00AM to 4:30 PM EST (Hamilton, ON)

This is an advanced practice course suitable for people who are already familiar with NLP, coaching, therapy or sales. If you’re surprised that the list includes such different fields, take a moment and reflect on the last time someone helped you know what you wanted and determine the next step toward getting it. That someone could have been a salesperson or a therapist, a coach or a manager.

Whether or not you have studied NLP (neurolinguistic programming), if your work involves helping people make decisions, stay motivated, or overcome obstacles, then this course will help you do it more effectively by listening better to the stories you hear, understanding what people are really telling you when they tell you a story, and sending back your understanding in the form of another story. 

Stories are the most highly developed and resilient form of human communication. They allow us to collaborate, to work around resistance, and to make a difference without compromising privacy. Take a step forward in your practice of influence by becoming more aware of how stories are already part of your best work.

This course is limited to 8 participants. The special introductory fees are $120(+HST), payable in advance by credit card or cheque. Bring a friend for $5 more.

Call 416-928-2394 or send your name and phone number by email here to register. Carole, our business manager, will call you to confirm the details.

Click here for the course manual.

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