Language that Works

Don’t be misled by it’s image: metaphor isn’t some geeky term that only English teachers understand. It’s the single most powerful form of human language and the good news is that you and everyone you know are already using it every day.

In this one day course, practitioners and newcomers will explore two of the metaphors we use all the time and uncover the secrets they reveal about the working of the mind/brain/body system. You’ll learn how ideas about growth and conflict get coded into your understanding of the world and shape your attitudes and behaviours. You’ll learn how working the metaphor (or changing it) makes new information available to you and to the people you influence.

Metaphor doesn’t just express a thought: it integrates thought into your whole mind/brain/body system and it activates the energy and responses you need to be more effective. Find out more when you listen to these podcasts.

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