Introductions to NLP

NLP for Learning and Change

You know you need to learn more, to adapt to change around you and to develop the skills that will move you forward. In just one day, you can recognize how learning in your mind/brain/body system and how to make it happen more effectively. You've owned the equipment all your life. Isn't it time you found out how it works?

Discover how sensory acuity, emotion, patterns and repetition work together. Learning is not optional: it's a natural function of the human brain. Knowing how it happens will give you an edge when you need to adjust your thinking to respond to change.

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Leading: An Introduction to NLP

Some people seem to be natural leaders. From the time they are very young, they are clear about what they want and charismatic in engaging others in their projects. They’re comfortable out in front of the pack.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t see yourself as a natural leader. But you can use natural leading processes to get other people engaged in the things you want and need. You can learn to be as clear, as present, and as connected as those who are born with the gift of leadership. Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about making a stronger connection with the best parts of yourself.

In this one day course, you’ll identify your own experiences of being at your best, learn more about how connecting with others can influence your self-management, and practice taking steps to stay in control of how you feel, what you want, and the impact you’re having.

Language that Works

Don’t be misled by it’s image: metaphor isn’t some geeky term that only English teachers understand. It’s the single most powerful form of human language and the good news is that you and everyone you know are already using it every day.

In this one day course, practitioners and newcomers will explore two of the metaphors we use all the time and uncover the secrets they reveal about the working of the mind/brain/body system. You’ll learn how ideas about growth and conflict get coded into your understanding of the world and shape your attitudes and behaviours. You’ll learn how working the metaphor (or changing it) makes new information available to you and to the people you influence.

Metaphor doesn’t just express a thought: it integrates thought into your whole mind/brain/body system and it activates the energy and responses you need to be more effective. Find out more when you listen to these podcasts.

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