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Introductions to NLP

Change Your Life with NLP

You know you need to learn more, to adapt to change around you and to develop the skills that will move you forward. In just one day, you can begin to recognize what you want, make the changes necessary to stay committed to your goals and values, and make the connections that make change sustainable.

Discover how you mind, body and brain work as one system to keep you safe, keep you connected and keep you moving.

Grow Your Impact with NLP

It’s important to feel that you can predict the influence you have in your personal life and at work. You want to be able to build the relationships that allow you to succeed and grow. This course walks you through a simple model for reliable influence that builds relationships and makes things happen. You’ll learn to:

  • offer attention before expecting others to give it to you
  • visualize the behaviour you want to result from your influence
  • use 3 tools to build agreement and make you irresistible
  • connect with your bigger self for your best influence

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