NLP Practitioner Certification: Develop a Growth Mindset with NLP

A growth mindset is the key to both increased satisfaction with your life and sustainable increases in your skills and abilities. It means what you think it means: waking up every morning looking for ways to support growth in your skills, strengths and relationships. Nurturing a growth mindset is also the fundamental activity of coaching: you need to find ways to help people who are focused on limits imagine and reach for growth. This course will show you how to manage your own mindset and how to lead others into growth.

Each of the first  four days of the NLP Practitioner certification course combines information from credible, evidence-based research with techniques from NLP (neurolinguistic programming) that transform the information into practices that drive or support growth.

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 to Register.  Certification costs $1499 + HST and may be paid all at once or by instalments.

1) The Congruent Self. In this unit, you’ll understand the connection between the conscious and unconscious selves as it shows up in communication loops between the mind, body and brain. You’ll learn how physical and verbal vocabularies support better choices about how to hold useful states and how to change states that are  limiting your growth. You’ll be introduced to the ‘shift’ - the small change in feeling or perspective that opens up new possibilities.

2) The Social Self. This day will focus on how your interactions with others shape your self-awareness and support the growth of skills and strengths. You’ll practice making deliberate connections that allow you to learn from other people’s perceptions, skills and strengths. You’ll also learn how to recognize the impact of other people on your instincts about what works and what is possible. You will learn to ‘shift’ between different perceptual positions to notice different information and open up different choices.

3) Growth Under Pressure. What happens to your growth when you run into obstacles, frustrations or stress? Growth under pressure is not optional: it’s essential to staying committed to your goals and values under difficult circumstances. We work on understanding the benefits of stress, managing the stress of others by leading them to more useful responses and opening up frames to reduce emotion and allow for better choices.

4) Self Direction. Growth happens because you make conscious choices about your direction, goals and values. In uncertain times, it is difficult to know what is possible. Growth depends on reaching for something, and you need tools for deciding what to reach for and how to reach. This day integrates your learning on managing yourself and understanding your relationships to others and to circumstances so that you can define a more satisfying way forward.

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