NLP for Coaches

Training that improves flexibility, confidence and satisfaction

NLP Canada Training works with coaches who are committed to excellence in delivering positive change to their clients. Whether they are new to coaching or credentialed coaches with years of experience, Linda Ferguson offers them something amazing: a coach-the-coach training that improves their flexibility, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Coaches trained at NLP Canada Training report that the training gives them more more flexibility in delivering their coaching program and more confidence in their work with clients. It's as though they gained years of experience in only 6 days (or 8 days at the Master Level).

Develop your instincts through mindful practice

If you have ever wished you could develop the instincts and the confidence of more experienced coaches, schedule a consultation with Linda Ferguson or register for a course. You'll be amazed at the progress you make.

NLP Practitioner Certification

If you are already a certified coach who is getting good results with your clients, NLP Practitioner Certification is a great next step.  Good coaches promote higher performance in their clients. Part of their commitment to excellence is a commitment to intentional practice of their craft. It's not enough to see clients: intentional practice means drilling down to coaching skills, receiving feedback on what is working (or not) and then practicing until a higher level of skill is automatic. You cannot do this kind of practice during a session with a client.

The NLP Practitioner brings together insights and practices from many different fields to accurately describe how people think, interact, make decisions, and build the willpower to sustain change. As a coach, you will learn increased sensitivity to state management (for yourself and your clients), more accurate and disciplined observation of clients, and techniques for "connecting the dots" between what the client is saying, the client's non-verbal communication, and the context in which you are working. You'll also heighten your awareness of patterns in language and behaviour and your ability to work around resistance.

Whether you are a life coach building a practice, an executive coach working under significant time constraints or a manager coaching your people to better performance, NLP Canada Training will help you do your job better and enjoy it even more. 

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Coaches who have taken this advanced training say that it transforms their practice of coaching. The Master Practitioner takes the fundamentals of human choice and change and integrates them into structures and strategies that allow for extremely rapid understanding and change work. Master Practitioners learn to recognize and shift behavioural patterns as they are revealed through coaching conversations. They also gain the ability to model successful coaches so accurately that they can accelerate their progress and achieve a level of success usually reserved for coaches with more experience. Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner certification.