NLP for Influence

Gain Respect While Motivating People to Make Change Happen

Ron Vereggen, founder of Mastery Rocks joins Linda Ferguson in a one day experience that will channel your natural focus, communication, and resourcefulness to build your influence. You'll learn how the 5 principles at the heart of NLP will allow you to define your purpose, make an effective connection, and identify communication  patterns to motivate other people to take action.

This is one of our new series of one-day classes based on Linda's book, Living Your Purpose, which will be out in the winter of 2014. You'll learn the principles behind the techniques, watch demonstrations, and participate in exercises that let you experience the resourcefulness and well-being that NLP suppports.

Whether you're a professional interested in applying NLP to help others or you simply want to move through a problem that has you stuck, you'll be surprised at how much progress you make in just one day, and at how much fun you have making it.

A 5 Step Process to Generate Positive Influence

Here's what we guarantee:

  • You'll learn something new about leadership & influence
  • You'll learn the five principles at the heart of NLP
  • You'll practice a proven strategy for practical, positive influence.

Whether you're a newcomer to NLP or an experienced practitioner, this day will help you become very clear about what it will take for you to get what you want when you need to "sell" someone on a product, an idea, a task, or a change.

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