Natural Learning Patterns

NLP is a set of practices designed to allow people to replicate the success achieved by models of excellence. It is an elegant and effective way to think about how people learn when they are at their best. While NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming, it would be equally accurate to say it provides an understanding of Natural Learning Patterns.

This one day course will use NLP practices to explore the states and techniques that allow people to interact effectively with new information or skills. Learn to isolate and identify states that support learning, to work without language to notice the impact of framing and to set up effective frames, and to use anchors to create learning states and tie them to the situations where they will be most helpful. 

Not scheduled in 2014, but available as a customized program for your group. Customized programs can be tailored to your needs from a 30 minute keynote to a 7 hour course.

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