I Hate to Sell! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014 9:30am to 4:30pm - SPRING SPECIAL $95+HST

with Ron Vereggen and Andrew Freund

Do you love the work you do so much that you are willing to sell to do more of it?

This one day course will break down the three parts of a sustainable, effective sales process so that you feel more confident in approaching people, building relationships and motivating people to buy what you are selling.

In the morning, we will focus on the single most important factor in determining your ability to sell: your own attitude. You’ll find your best performance state for making sales connections and build it so that it aligns with your enthusiasm for your work. 

In the second part of the day, we will look at how people express interest and agreement and you’ll discover the next big secret to sales. You will learn that the best way to generate interest is to show it.  You’ll get better at noticing when you’re building connection and engagement and better at noticing when people are ready to make a decision.

Finally, we’ll practice some ways to suggest that people buy from you without feeling like you have to “close” them. Making a sale will become a natural next step as you build connection and move into the future. If you are selling a product, you’ll help people enjoy the process of buying from you. If you are selling your services as a trainer, healer or coach, you’ll experience sales as the first stage of making a difference in other people’s lives.

Many of the people who come to NLP Canada Training are coaches, entrepreneurs, trainers, alternative health care practitioners or artists. They love their work but they are less happy about having to sell it. It’s amazing what happens when they step back and focus on how to share that enthusiasm in a way that brings them more customers or clients.

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