Meeting Challenges with NLP

Sunday October 14, 2012, 10am to 5pm

What happens when you run into a wall?

We all run into walls. We all have days when the obstacles between us and the things we want fill our entire field of vision. We all have days when just wanting something seems like an invitation to disaster.

What do you do next? You have options. You could sit down and stay put at the foot of the wall. You could turn around and go back. You could look for a way to climb. You could follow the wall until you find a way around. Different challenges require different responses. Different people require different responses.

This one day course is suitable for both newcomers to NLP and practitioners who want to add to their toolkit. You'll learn to apply NLP in challenging times and to move through challenges to something that feels much better.

Want a hint of what's included?  Visit our Squidoo Lens (it's a web page).

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