#freeNLP Workshops

Why do we give away the good stuff? Every week we are running a #freeNLP workshop online. You just have to register. There’s no pressure and no sales pitch. We just want to practice our skills and make a difference in a terrible time. We also want everyone to have the opportunity to really know who we are and how we teach before they buy. We don’t do mystery here: we do learning.

Each group is kept small (normally under 16 people) and active. These are workshops and you can expect to do NLP not just hear about it. You’ll have fun. You’ll find new perspective and energy. You’ll take away something you can do again on your own. Every week.

New for 2021/22: 7 Dimensions of a Life Well Lived

Each dimension will be explored as a driver of mindset and as a driver of communication.








The Mindset Workshops

Manage Your Mindset

Live Your Values

Focus with NLP

NLP for When Your Thoughts Aren’t Helping

Grow Your Grit

Get Unstuck

Experience Power

Be Resolved with NLP

Play to Win with NLP

The Communication Workshops

How to Be Observant

Listen Better

Build Connection with NLP

Agree More Often

Bring Out the Best with NLP

Make a Suggestion

How to Be Clear

Manage Resistance with NLP

Talking to Unhappy People

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