What Master Practitioners Do Differently

Many people come to NLP to sample or to browse. Some of them are self-development junkies: before they finish one course, they are planning another course in another model. They like the idea of change but they are unwilling to commit to mastering themselves enough to master just one model at a time.

Master practitioners are committed to such clear understanding of how people choose and change that they can work using different jargon in different contexts and still know that what they are doing is appropriate and effective. What they want most is to deepen their self-awareness and keep the commitments they make to themselves. What they want next is to use the same processes to lead others.

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When you choose NLP Canada Training, you form a connection with a leader, a team, and a community that are capable of teaching, inspiring, and challenging you until you have achieved the ability to work flexibly and effectively with NLP and related processes. This is so much more than picking up a little NLP to freshen your coaching, or exploring NLP in the same way you explore a new continent on a vacation. This is the path followed by people determined to live more intentionally, to make a difference, and to be happier with the choices they make.

NLP does not mean “a list of interesting jargon and tips for manipulating people into doing what I want.” NLP means the ability to recognize patterns in thought, perception and behaviour and to change them in useful ways. When you are really accomplished, it’s a way of bringing more acuity to every context and more life to every conversation. 

Here’s how you get that good. Begin with an NLP Practitioner training, preferably here at NLP Canada Training where we invite you to repeat and refresh your training as part of your basic fees. Now practice: apply what you have learned and notice what is working and what is fuzzy. Shape some ambitious goals for yourself. Feel yourself wanting to be better and do better. Then register for the NLP Master Practitioner course.

The new format involves online work on the 10 core competencies of NLP, a practitioner course where you lead and observe the patterns of change inside and outside the exercises, and two days of intensive reflection and practice with master practitioners and trainers. You can complete it at your own pace and in your own order. Normally, you will begin with the online work, take all or part of the practitioner training until it is complete, and work with other masters on one of our designated weekends or by arrangement with the training team. You can complete the practitioner training all at once, or take two or three days at a time with different groups until you have participated in all six days of the training. You will be certified when you have completed all three elements of the training.

Once certified, the real work begins. You will practice more conversational use of the patterns of NLP in your work and life. You will continue to have access to the NLPCT Master Practitioner community online, for further discussion as you encounter new perspectives or techniques. You should plan to come to some of the short trainings as a way of observing framing, rapport and permission outside  your own work.  You will never be finished. We’ll keep inventing, challenging, and pushing the edges.  You’ll keep coming back for information, coaching and community.

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