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Why certify with NLP Canada Training?

Dr. Linda Ferguson and the team at NLP Canada Training present one of Canada’s leading programmes in NLP. The Advisory Board at NLP Canada Training includes expertise in corporate coaching and consulting, personal therapy and life coaching, marketing, branding, organizational development and learning, systems thinking and professional theatre. We have the broadest base of hands-on expertise of any NLP institute.

NLP Canada Training’s approach to NLP combines the best of several models of NLP with current leading-edge thinking in psychology, neuropsychology, behavioural economics and brief psychotherapies. We also have a uniquely effective approach to accelerated learning through metaphor, narrative and storytelling. 

We provide ongoing support to all our practitioners and currently host the largest NLP conference in Canada to showcase their achievements. No other institute can provide the same opportunities for ongoing development and networking.

Why study NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)?

NLP is a set of practices for influencing change in oneself and others. There are generally three reasons to study NLP:

  • you are currently dissatisfied with some aspects of your work, status or relationships and would like to be more satisfied
  • you are a high performer working toward more reliable excellence in one or more fields. You want new tools to manage your thinking, habits and behaviours to support new achievements
  • you work in a field where your own success depends on your ability to manage the satisfaction or performance of others.

At NLP Canada Training, we teach our clients effective, ethical practices that allow them to make the changes they want to make in themselves and to influence the changes they want to make in other people.

An Overview of the Six Day Course

NLP consists of three related and overlapping skill sets: the ability to manage one’s own experience; the ability to change and inspire change in relation to other people; and the ability to use language directly and indirectly in support of tangible outcomes.

In the first two days of the course, participants learn a wide variety of practices for effectively integrating intellectual and emotional states with sensory information and physical states. Participants become aware of their own perceptual equipment and learn to change perception in order to change choices. What they learn to do for themselves, they also learn to do to manage change in others. They can coach people to overcome obstacles and make stronger choices.

In the second two days of the course, participants train to read other people more accurately for the purposes of learning and influence. This involves two overlapping skills: the ability to imagine situations from different perspectives and the ability to sequence behaviours and choices in effective strategies. This part of the course presents a process for observing role models and replicating their achievements.

The final two days of the course focus on integrating language with what you want and what you notice to become more influential. Participants learn to ask questions, build consensus, minimize resistance and influence unconscious behaviours through metaphors, stories and choice of words.

The effect of six days of training is to reinforce effective behaviours and strategies and to resolve issues that have been standing between participants and the achievements they want.

How Many Hours Should Certification Take?

NLP Canada Training has developed remarkably elegant and effective strategies for teaching the core skills of NLP. Practitioners are certified at the end of six days and encouraged to repeat all or part of their training at no additional charge for two years following certification. This ensures that all participants are able to work at their own pace to develop deeper skill.  Some NLP institutes offer very long training. At NLP Canada Training, we believe that mastery requires ongoing support while you integrate and develop. We are the only institute in Canada to offer a wide variety of opportunities for continuing support including the opportunity to repeat the practitioner certification for up to 2 years (free of charge), regular monthly events on a variety of applications, a practitioner retreat and an annual symposium (both provided at cost).  Beware of misleading packaging. No school offers the opportunity for more hours of innovated, effective training than we do.

Prices and Policies

We work to make NLP training affordable to everyone.  Here are some of the ways we help clients make the investment we know will pay off for them and the people they influence:

  • More efficient training strategies minimize training time and provide cost savings to our clients. 
  • No fee, no charge payment plans allow clients to divide their tuition into manageable monthly payments
  • Tuition tax certificates for NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certification courses

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