NLP Practitioner Certification Overview

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  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, May 30,31, June 1 and June 20,21,22 in Hamilton
  • July 12-17 (Saturday through Thursday)  in Toronto
  • August 12-17 (Tuesday through Sunday) in Toronto
  • OR July 12,13,14 (Sat.Sun. Mon.) and Aug 15,16,17 (Fri.Sat.Sun.)

Only at NLP Canada Training

* come back for 5 years and repeat part or all of the training whenever it is useful to you (and we have room).

* practice with a community in evening events, short courses, practitioner retreats and the HOPE Symposium

* a tuition tax certificate when your payments are complete

* continue your development in a unique and powerful Master Practitioner certification, leadership and storywork courses, and a training apprenticeship

*and we have the very best training snacks, coffee and teas

Self-Discovery, Influence and Language that Works

Lots of NLP sites will provide a long list of skills and techniques in jargon you do not really understand. We use words you know to tell you what to expect in our NLP practitioner course. When you know what you’ll learn, you’ll call 416-928-2394 and register.

The first two-day unit of the course is all about you. You will pay attention to what you notice, what you think, and how you remember. You will consider the self you know consciously and that other self that sometimes surprises you and you will begin the long process of letting those two selves work seamlessly and productively to make you more resourceful and more satisfied with your choices. 

The next two days are about the way you encounter, notice, understand and influence other people.  You’ll read other people better. You’ll know how to hold onto your own state or position while making a connection. And you’ll be surprised by the influence you already have (but have not noticed).

In the final two days, we explore how language really works. We don’t go through long lists of complicated terms or memorize patterns. Scripts are not how language works at its best. Instead you’ll learn how to let your state and your outcomes drive your choice of stories and questions. You’ll pick up more information. You’ll collaborate and cooperate better. And you’ll be more confident when your words matter.

What will change when you know yourself better, understand the flow of influence, and use words with more  confidence?

More information on our NLP Practitioner certification:

Link to a breakdown of what you learn in each of the 3 units

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Accelerated skill development using NLP

As you browse this site, you might find it hard to recognize the jargon and techniques you find listed elsewhere. We are not interested in jargon or in techniques that might not work for you. We are committed to a process that uses the best available information to build the experiences that enhance your self-knowledge, your acuity in observing others, and your ability to connect the two through words and actions.

We offer  accelerated learning of techniques for getting the best from yourself and others. You'll overcome the fears, bad habits and lack of focus that have been slowing you down. You will join a network of practitioners who have made remarkable changes in their personal and professional lives. If you want to learn the jargon and compare us to other NLP, you'll learn what you need to do that, too.

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