Leverage: Identifying Opportunities in Conversation

Saturday June 1, 9:30am - 4:30pm and Sunday June 2, 9:30am - 1:00pm

Make the Most of Coachable Moments

Whether you are new to coaching or you have a thriving practice, whether you are trained in NLP or other coaching models, this course will introduce you to a new and natural way for listening better, engaging more productively and moving through conversation to real change for your clients. If you are a manager, parent, teacher or trainer, this course will help you make the most of coachable moments. 

There is much evidence that the therapeutic relationship is the heart of change work in coaching or therapy. And that relationship is expressed in conversation, the sharing of words, ideas and stories between a coach and a client. As a coach, the way that you pay attention and respond to leverage points will make the difference that allows your client to make almost magical progress.

Blend Related Models for Optimal Impact

We'll start with the 3 core styles described by the Enneagram, 3 different ways of knowing the world and being motivated to take action in it. Then we'll move to Solution Focus to ask questions that fit a client's model and draw out a client's strength.  NLP will contribute a precise attention to non-verbal communication and the indication that a client is ready to hear a suggestion. And then we'll pay attention to how metaphors allow a conversation to move in or out, to discover edges and possibilities, and to suggest new directions.

Elicit More Positive Change

If you love to coach, you will love this course. You will discover a deep satisfaction as the models come together and show us that we have the ability to notice more and to elicit more positive change in every coaching conversation. Let Linda Ferguson show you how the skills you already have can enrich your work and  make positive change come to life for the people you influence.

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