Training for Leadership 

There are two kinds of leaders: the kind who go where no one has gone before and the kind who give others the direction and motivation to move forward. You can become a leader by accident but it takes passion and perseverance to stay a leader for long. We train the leaders who are in it for the long haul.

The NLP certifications are programs for people who want to know themselves so thoroughly that others can lean on them and into them and they will stay steady and on course. Certifying with NLP Canada Training gives you a sense of your own direction and what you need to do to influence the people who are part of that journey. And there is more.

Our advanced training is for NLP practitioners and master practitioners who want to practice: to try new things, get feedback, and try again until they are sure they can get results in real-world situations. We combine the best of NLP with storywork (metaphors and narratives), solution focused practice, and the best and most useful ideas from current thinking on decision making, influence, and innovation.

This master classes range from one half day to three days in length and allow you to retreat, refresh your perspective, practice your skills, and emerge with the passion and perseverance to lead.

Coming in May 2014:

Energize Your Language: How Leaders Use Metaphors, Saturday, May 10, 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Why do leaders need metaphors? What if metaphors are a natural way to get closer to a problem by getting some perspective on it? How could you use metaphors to explore new territory or create better engagement? 

This isn’t just a terrific course in metaphor from an expert with wide, deep knowledge of how metaphors work. This is a new way of working at an advanced level: a practice in asking better questions and driving tangible progress. And it’s going to be both grounding and energizing, whether you influence people one at at time or thousands at a time.

Dr. Linda Ferguson guarantees that you will emerge from this course with tangible progress on a challenge you are really working to solve or improve. To register, email Linda with a sentence or two describing that challenge.

Registration is open to NLP practitioners and Master Practitioners and anyone with experience in a leadership position and a challenge they are serious about mastering.

Your investment: one afternoon and $125 (includes HST). FREE if you have been certified in NLP by NLP Canada Training.

The following advanced level courses are not scheduled for 2014. They are available as keynotes, or customized courses for your team or group.

Leverage: Identifying the Best Opportunities in Conversation

Working Around Resistance

Purpose, Presence and Priorities

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