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Training for Optimal Living

NLP Canada Training offers training in a leading edge skill set for living a life with purpose, connections and results that satisfy you. We combine neurolinguistic programming with elements of Solution Focus coaching, narrative practice and mindfulness. You gain new focus, new strengths, and new ways to approach old problems.

We don't think people should have to sign up, call or hunt to find our prices.  You can find the complete list right here.

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Price List for 2019

NLP Practitioner Certification

$2195 + HST, payable all at once or by deposit and monthly instalments

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What is NLP?

NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming. It’s a complicated name that describes the way people combine perception, thought and action to get the results they want.

NLP is a description of how human beings work: they perceive information through their senses, use language to give it meaning, and remember it by storing it in patterns. When you think better, you make better choices and develop better skills.

NLP is the most natural, straight-forward way to understand how choices get made and results get created.

It’s called neurolinguistic programming because it combines three things. The “neuro” refers to the information that comes in through your senses and is stored in your brain and body. The “linguistic” is for the words you choose to give meaning to what you notice or what you want. The “programming” is for the way you combine what you observe, what you think and what you do to generate satisfying results.

Great NLP trainers are curious and practical and dedicated to getting better. They want to take everything they have learned from their teachers and develop it further. When you’re checking out NLP websites, look for signs that trainers are using NLP to make changes in themselves, their teaching and their clients.

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The Skills That Make Change Happen

You’re not as satisfied as you want to be, not as confident as you want to be, not as fulfilled in your relationships as you want to be. Make change happen. 

Begin with getting to know yourself better. In the NLP Practitioner Certification you’ll make new connections between what you observe, what you feel, and how you communicate. You’ll have more confidence in relationships and at work. You'll achieve more satisfying goals.

Then go further. Condition yourself to make your reactions bulletproof. Be the person who keeps it together and keeps moving when other people are scared and stuck.  Complete the NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 for information on pricing, payment options and course availability. She’ll be happy to help you register.

When you train with us, you will become more grounded, more perceptive and more effective. 

It’s hard for followers to train independent thinkers. We are not followers. We write our own materials and create original contributions to NLP. We continually develop more effective training strategies so you get what you need.

  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming) trains you to be at your best more often
  • We only train NLP that is in line with current research 
  • The best information changes. We continually monitor current thinking and practices. 

In two courses, we offer everything you need to make better choices. And you join a terrific learning community where you can find support, challenge and growth.

1 Day Courses for Quick Change

One day introductions take place at 47 Queen's Park Cres. E., Toronto, unless otherwise noted. 

One day courses run from 10:00am to 4:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Introductions to NLP

Change Your Life with NLP

You know when it’s time for a change. In just one day, you can learn to set goals, overcome blocks and change old habits to make your life more satisfying.. Read more.

Grow Your Impact with NLP

It’s important to feel that you can predict the influence you have in your personal life and at work. You want to be able to build the relationships that allow you to succeed and grow. This course walks you through a simple model for reliable influence that builds relationships and makes things happen. Read more.

Short Workshops

The 2018 NLP Workshop Series

Confidence with NLP

Unstuck with NLP

Connect with NLP

NLP for Families

Inspire! with NLP

The Quick Wins Coaching series

Lunch ’n Learns - watch for details

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