Do you really have to show up in a training room to learn NLP? We think you do. 

Imagine trying to learn a physical skill (sports or cooking) without access to real-time feedback on what you’re doing or the chance to immediately repeat to make use of that feedback. You can’t get real-time feedback and repetition when you have to step away from the computer to do the work.

Mindset and communication are mental skills. They are also physical skills. They involve managing physiological responses and changes in perception to support the state you want to experience and the results you want to get.

Training is more than delivering the right information in an effective presentation. It is making sure that people develop skills they can put to work outside the classroom. The fastest way to build those skills is to show up, to work with a diverse group and a great coach, and to anchor those skills into the real-world situations where you want to use them.

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