What will NLP do for you?

We ask for a significant investment of your time and your money.  You want to be sure that you will make real changes in the quality of both your experience and your results. You want to know that you are making a good choice.

What is your good reason for wanting to make a significant improvement in your understanding of how to turn great ideas (outcomes) into great results? There are four stories outlined below, stories of people who know why a new way of thinking is worth their investment. Perhaps one of them is very similar to yours.

NLP Canada Training Inc. is the centre of a lively community of people who are committed to developing their own potential and strengthening the positive impact they have on other people.  Click here to find out why this is the best time to train with NLP Canada Training Inc.

A Toolbox for Coaches

A woman sits listening.  She is a good coach: focused, connected, and creative.  People love working with her because she manages to convey both support and challenge.  She frequently gets them to do a little more than they think they can do.  But she is not as happy as her clients are.  She wants to know more about how she gets great results for them - and how she can get better results for herself.  Her intuition is already good: and her intuition tells her that she needs the next piece so that she can be even better.  If this sounds like you, click here.

Overcome Obstacles

A man hovers at the edge of the meeting.  People are watching him. He is a natural leader.  Yet something is blocking him.  He is aware of what he does not know, aware of the voices in the past that predicted he would go just so far - and no further.  He knows he can do more than this: he can be more if only he can create the right conditions. He wants to learn to break through. If this sounds like you, click here.

Develop Your Strengths

Another man is driven by plans to build a business and change at least one piece of the world.  He is competent and competitive.  He knows what he wants. Yet he is still battling from the edges. He is frustrated by the power of the status quo.   He knows it is time to invest in the changes that will take him to the next level. If this sounds like you, click here.

Prepare for Life Transitions

Another woman - mature, accomplished, dissatisfied.  She has done most of the things she planned to do; her family is growing up, her career is satisfying but less compelling.   She has never been more energetic, more intelligent or more effective.  Her life and expectations are different than her mother's or grandmother's.  It is time to uncover her own vision for what comes next. If this sounds like you, click here.

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