Why Register for NLP Certification This Fall?

Our last NLP certification course for 2011 begins on October 15.  If you're wondering whether you would benefit from being part of that certification, think about these three things:

1) Are you ready to make changes in how you think and act?

This course will give you the tools for real, tangible change in what you do so that you get real, tangible change in your results. We won't tell you what to change but we will give you everything you need to know so that  you can make change.  You won't be able to complain that you have no choice anymore. This course gets people moving.

2) Would you value a diverse network of smart, interesting people who are committed to getting results? 

We don't just teach a course: we build a community so that our practitioners can benefit from their connection to a wide range of skills and resources.  If you're in a situation or a business where it is important that you know where to get good input, innovative ideas or reliable recommendations, then being part of the NLP Canada Training community of practitioners will pay off for you.

3) Do you believe that excellence and integrity are important?

Lots of people are content with "good enough" thinking and "good enough" relationships.  Some people want more than "good enough." They want excellence: they want to work with people who are better than just "good enough" and who are continually working to find better information, more useful beliefs and more elegant processes.  Some people want the best kind of integrity: that core of strength and flexibility that includes honesty, compassion and purpose.

Some people base their choice of course on convenience or budget.  If you are one of the people who would rather base your choice on an excellent program delivered with integrity, then you should train with us at NLP Canada Training.  Talk to us at 416-928-2394.