New One Days Deliver Real Impact

Most NLP websites will tell you all about NLP. They use a lot of terminology to explain why they offer more NLP than anyone else. That's great if what you want is to be an expert in NLP.  The problem is that being an expert in NLP doesn't get you much.  There are no peer-reviewed journals, no research grants (unless you have other affiliations), and no job postings for NLP experts. NLP is not a credential that matters. It's a skill set that matters.

NLP should not be about how you measure up to someone else's standards for NLP. It should be about tools and perspectives you can apply to your own life and work. NLP is about learning, about getting better, about getting more satisfaction. The rest is just details.

Here's what we promise you at NLP Canada Training. We are working to give you the most effective training possible so that you can uncover the choices you need to get the results you want.  Our new courses use very little jargon: we've replaced the fancy words with natural learning processes for faster change and better retention.

If you want to notice what is already working so you can do more of it, take one of our new NLP in a Nutshell courses.  Because, in a nutshell, doing the best with what you have is what NLP is all about.

NLP in a Nutshell for Sales

NLP in a Nutshell for Personal Change

NLP in a Nutshell for Coaching