Three One Day Courses in January

Our one-day courses provide terrific value. For a limited investment of both time and money, you'll be introduced to our methods at NLP Canada Training and make real-time, tangible developing skills or overcoming obstacles. NLP Practitioners register for these courses so that they can apply their expertise in new ways, or simply go through change processes in a group setting. They know these techniques will work: safely, effectively, tangibly.  Newcomers to NLP are introduced to neurolinguistic programming in the context of making progress towards something they want.  Often, they also get to know people in the NLP Canada Training Community.

All three courses run from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm at 47 Queen's Park Cres. E., Toronto, Ontario. We are conveniently located a 5 minute walk south of the Museum subway stop, at the corner of St. Joseph St. and Queen's Park Cres. E. 

Here's what we have in store for your quick start this January:

Saturday, January 9:  NLP for Getting Results

Linda Ferguson will lead you through a five step process for getting results you like. It's not enough to set goals or to feel better about problems. You need a process that will reliably move you from setting a great goal to achieving that great goal.  While you will probably need to get outside the training room to actually achieve your goal, you will be amazed at how much progress you can make in just one day.  We'll use your senses, your thoughts, your physiology and your language to shape your goal, identify what is getting in your way, transform your attitude to obstacles, and prepare you for a strategy that gets results.

Sunday, January 10:  Coaching with NLP: Solving Problems

Linda Ferguson and Chris Keeler, Trainers.  In NLP, we would much rather talk about setting positive outcomes and moving toward them than about solving problems. However, many (if not most) coaching clients will seek out coaching because they have a problem they are not solving effectively on their own. How can an NLP-based coaching model remain focused on the positive while creating rapport with problem-based clients?  This one day course will allow experienced coaches, managers, educators and influencers to identify, isolate and transform problems. Both newcomers to NLP and experienced practitioners and master practitioners will recognize new elements in the way they are already working and find new paths to success for themselves and their clients or teams.

Saturday, January 16, Change that Sticks

Linda Ferguson and John Dafos, Trainers.  Change is easy. Making it stick is hard. Spend a day with Linda Ferguson and John Dafos (Master Practitioner, Educator, Writer) exploring the difference between change that feels good when it happens and change that is sustainable and reliable.  You'll learn six steps that make change ecological, sustainable and effective. Whether you are already a practitioner of NLP or an experienced change professional, you'll find this day allows you to improve your strategy for influencing others to make changes that stick. You might even find that you get better at making changes that stick in your own life.

Course Fees:  $145 plus GST per person or $150 plus GST when two people register together - so bring a friend.  NLP Practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training may register for $75 plus GST.