The space where change happens

It's late October, and at NLP Canada Training we are currently in that space where change happens. Our current practitioner course has started; it's a little more than a month until our next big event and three months until our next practitioner training.  It's the space in-between, and it is not quiet. It is integrative.

If you've experienced NLP, you'll recognize the period of disruption and confusion that means change is happening. It's neither terrible nor comfortable: it is unsettled. That's the point. We take new perceptions and influences and as they become part of us, the furniture in our minds gets rearranged. We bump our shins on posts that appear in unfamiliar places. We feel like we have moved house, although we arrive at the same address. 

What will come of all this integration here? It is a little hard to predict, but we do know what direction we are heading. There will be more coaching programs and more specific training to allow people to discover themselves as leaders and influencers. There will be some new course formats to test a new way of responding to the busy lives and work of people in our community. The people who want to join us in building something special will find themselves with new choices to make.

Together, we will make something extraordinary. It's already growing. Watch for it to appear just before the crocuses push through the snow.