The PATH to Positive Change

This fall we are launching three new one day courses designed to apply NLP in a way that allows participants to make a difference in some part of their lives. NLP is results-driven: we are trainers who want you to see evidence that what you practice in class makes a difference in your life and work.

These courses are our gift to NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training. Fees for everyone else are $149 (+HST) or bring a friend for just $1 more. It's a great way to kick start the new season.

NLP for Achievement ran September 7.  If you missed it this time, you can catch it in January.

NLP for Answers runs September 28.  It's a course for people who want to know how NLP allows people to manage pain and solve problems. Whether you are working on something in your own life or you want to help others more effectively, you'll find practices and principles that will you can apply immediately. Linda Ferguson is joined by Kathleen Milligan, an extraordinary and talented therapist who integrates NLP into her practice with clients suffering from pain, anxiety and trauma. If you're already a practitioner, this is a rare opportunity to model Kathleen's work.

NLP for Influence runs October 5. Mastery Rocks founder and NLP Canada Training partner Ron Vereggen joins Linda Ferguson in showing participants how to get people to do stuff while building your reputation for integrity. Influence is more than just persuasion: it's the kind of persuasion that builds relationships and careers. Learn how influence begins with the transference of states and how to see your connections from the other side. Discover how connecting your influence with your purpose produces immediate benefits and sets the stage for long-term growth.