The Benefits of the NLP Practitioner Summer Intensive

Did you ever wish you could wake up one morning and find that your problems were no longer an issue?  

Of course you have.  We all wish we could wake up and move on. Life teaches us to expect that the problems we have in the evening will be waiting for us the next morning. What could change  while we sleep?

The answer is that our perspective can change.  "Sleep on it" is good advice.  "The morning is wiser than the evening," says one of my favourite fairy tales.  Getting away from a problem does not change the problem, but it can change the meaning we see in it.  "Impossible" can change to "doable" overnight.

If sleeping on it isn't enough for you, consider a summer intensive NLP Practitioner training with us.  Six days can reshape your perspective and your ability to pull yourself together, focus on what you want, and reliably influence others to support your goals. While you won't be sleeping in class, you will be stepping out of your daily routine and away from situations that are limiting or challenging.  By the time you step back into your work and relationships, you will have more flexibility about how to feel and how to act. 

What, exactly, could you expect from an NLP certification with NLP Canada Training?

* 2 days to reshape choices in your life that you would like to have different meanings or impacts, to craft your goals and your focus and to develop more useful attitudes

* 2 days to make stronger, more reliable connections with the people around you so that you can learn from them, influence them, and move in sync with them when it works for you

* 2 days to think about how to build agreement, avoid conflict, and get better information through the words you choose

We teach effective practices based on how people really think and act to get results they like. Our training team is engaging, knowledgeable, experienced and often quite a bit of fun.  We will ensure that you have the support you need to get the results you want.

SUMMER 2011:  July 4-9 inclusive and August 8-13 inclusive.

Call 416-928-2394 for information on schedules, discounts and payment plans (no fees, no charges).