The Benefits of Managing Choice

New series of 5 one day courses:  Take any one or take them all and earn certification

Special Introductory Pricing: $175 + HST for each one day course or $700 for all 5 courses (payable by deposit and installments). All 5 courses must be complete to earn certification in Managing Choice. 

Even after you take our new certification on Managing Choice, you will almost certainly struggle with some decisions and wish you had made some others differently. The truth about choice is that it is a complicated process of letting what we want interact with what we know and the circumstances in which we are choosing.  Having the courage to choose means facing the certainty that some of your choices will have unpredictable results. You will never feel entirely in control.

There's a difference between controlling something and building a skill.  When you take all the courses in the new program, you will build the skills associated with both making your own choices and influencing the choices other people make. You'll gain new perspective on what different kinds of research suggest about how people make choices, new insights into how you make your own choices, and new practices for tweaking the relationship between conscious and unconscious processes to influence choice (your own or other people's). 

This is a program that takes various kinds of information about how our brains and bodies naturally function and integrates it into practices that allow you to notice more, evaluate better, and face the consequences of your choices with courage and humour. We guarantee that you will become more familiar with what actually happens when people must make a choice where there is no right answer, a choice where they do not have enough information or a choice where they do not much like the information they have.  You will develop practices for moving into and through choice and liking who you are on the other side.

Managing Choice is about understanding and supporting good processes for making choices. It will be useful to anyone who wants to feel better about the way they make and explain their own choices. It will also be useful to anyone who manages, teaches, coaches, sells or otherwise has a stake in the way other people make decisions. Like all our courses at NLP Canada Training it will involve lots of hands-on work in which you explore your own thoughts, actions and reactions. We will use games and other practices that allow you to maintain your privacy while making real-time progress on choices that have had you stuck or left you unhappy.

Each of the five days is designed to work as a stand-alone course, so feel comfortable trying one or two before deciding that you really want all five. We will offer the courses again, although scheduling and format will depend on our evaluation of the pilot program.  The structure of the program as a whole involves the kind of repetition with difference that accelerates learning and gives the unconscious permission to play.  You'll also find that you laugh - probably a lot - and that you find you are more engaged and energized than you might expect.

Here's a summary of the five days and what you can expect to gain from each of them.

Saturday, January 8: Elements of Choice.  You'll explore the three elements that define every choice: identity, intention and situation and learn how to approach choices through the filter of each element.  Expect a quick and useful summary of major personality type systems, a systematic approach to forming intention, and an opportunity to experience a new perceptual position (in addition to the 3 taught in the NLP course).

Sunday, January 23, 2011: The Well-Conditioned Mind.  Expect a review of the elegance of natural neurological functions and inborn instincts, and a process for developing instincts in new areas so that you can make fast, effective and replicable choices without conscious struggle. This is the course for people who would like to be in the zone more often.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates for the final three days have changed

Sunday, March 6, 2011: Whole Brain Thinking.  How does going for a walk clear your head? Have you ever been so mad you couldn't think straight?  Learn to be systematic in allowing your senses, your body, your emotions and your stories to help you make better choices.

Sunday, March 27, 2011: Creating Choices. What if you don't like any of the options available? If you want to be the author of your own destiny, you will need to create new choices. Borrow some of the techniques available to writers to us to create something new from what you already have. Learn how to use analogy and metaphor, mistakes, and narratives of possibility to create options that work better for you or to inspire creative thinking in others.

Sunday, April 10, 2011: Is It Your Choice to Make? The final course asks the big question: Are you stuck because this choice isn't really yours to make?  We'll look at processes for exploring whether someone else should make the choice or whether this choice is better made through an organization or network.  At the same time, we'll revisit the concepts of basic drives and wellness that are foundational to the whole program. You'll end up knowing how to make a choice to be well, even when it means leaving the specifics to someone else.