September 12:  Language & Healing

September 12th Master Class on Language & Healing
10:30am - 4:30pm FREE TO NLPCT PRACS & MASTERS

This master class is limited to NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training.

Morning Session (10:30am - 1:00 pm)

Linda and Chris will take you through demonstrations of how to recognize, mirror and transform language patterns to calibrate congruence and readiness for change.  Beginning with a few jargon-free principles from the Meta Model, we'll develop elegant and effective practices for moving from abstract thought to tangible change.

Help Linda and Chris workshop the presentation they will make at CANLP in Montreal this October, enjoy reconnecting with other NLP pracs, and learn to listen better and respond more effectively to the language  you hear.

Afternoon Session (2:15pm  - 4:30pm)

John Steuernol (Master Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Practitioner of NLP) will  make a presentation that shows the integration of a number of healing modalities including Thought Field Therapy, NLP, Hypnosis and Body Talk. John will discuss how he lets the 'innate' intelligence of the client's body tell him what to do. He will also show us how he identifies and deals with psychological reversal and unconscious negative emotion that may be affecting a person's well being. John can accurately identify the specific emotion that is getting in the way and the priority for treatment.

John has trained in NLP and Hypnosis at NLP Canada Training, and has been studying under one of the top quantum kinesiologists in the world who has a clinic in Yorkville. Together they have worked with many patients where we have used the kinesiologist's diagnostic capabilities and John's skills as a 'mind' coach to facilitate faster healing.