Results in Just One Day

One of the ironies in NLP is that so many people like to argue about how long a course should be.  In the corporate world, training is often one day or less in length, and organizations demand results within this very narrow window of opportunity. Even at the introductory level (which is where most training takes place), you should expect the same tangible results that companies demand.

For many years, a one-day course at NLP Canada Training has offered more than demonstrations and explanations. We offer newcomers the same high quality programming we bring to our corporate clients and practitioners. We expect them to make real progress and tangible changes in just a few hours.

Our newest one day courses, the NLP in a Nutshell series has been designed to use accelerated learning techniques so that you get real understanding of an easy-to-remember method. You'll be able to apply what you learn the next day. And you'll want to apply it, because what you learn will put you on track to make changes in you that change the experience of the people around you. 

In March, we're introducing two sides of the same coin. On Saturday, March 16, we'll be teaching the FACT formula for making changes in you so that you are happier and more effective. On Sunday, March 24, we'll DARE you to use a simple four step process to get more from the people you coach, manage or influence. 

It's that simple. No upsell. No jargon. Only $119.50 + HST to make a difference in the way you choose to connect, influence and take action. Call 416-928-2394 to register.