Register Now for Summer Intensive Programs

NLP Practitioner Certification Summer Intensives run from Monday July 12 through Saturday, July 17 (inclusive) and from Sunday August 8 through Friday August 13 (inclusive).  These courses have the same content, requirements and hours as our three-weekend certifications.  

Key benefits to becoming certified through NLP Canada Training's NLP Practitioner Certification:

☆ Effective practices for changing attitudes, beliefs and focus in yourself and others

☆ Enhanced ability to read and connect with other people using a powerful combination of verbal and nonverbal techniques

☆ Tools and techniques for asking better questions, telling better stories, and crafting stronger agreements

This course provides participants with an opportunity to better understand the relationship between mind, body and language,  to explore how human beings really make decisions, and to change their perceptions and behaviours to achieve satisfying outcomes.  If you work in a field where self-control allows you to achieve your best performance, or if you depend on your influence on others to get results, you will be delighted to find yourself in a practical, grounded program that allows you to make real-time change in the way you influence yourself and others. Our participants make real changes and see tangible differences in both influence and satisfaction. 

Here are 5 reasons to train with us this summer:

1. We are Canadian leaders in NLP, who continually renew and evolve our courses to keep them up to date with current thinking in psychology, business, and related fields. We share our learning through free materials available through links from our website. This includes more than 40 one-page articles available for download and printing.

2. We provide excellent, ongoing support.  You are welcome to repeat any part of the training for two years after certification, and to renew indefinitely at an extremely low rate.  This means that whenever you are ready to improve your skills, you can come back to practice with new people. You can always reach the trainers by phone or email for further consultation, and Linda will offer a free coaching session during or following a training.

3. We are a community of people interested in change, influence and personal excellence.  You can meet our community at regular evening events, in a one day course, or at certification trainings.  We also feature our community at the HOPE Symposium where all the speakers are NLP practitioners trained by NLP Canada Training.

4. We are committed to making NLP training financially accessible.  Our payment plans charge no interest and no fees. We simply work with clients to develop customized schedules with comfortable payments. We also offer special rates for multiple registrations and for students.

5. Summer intensives offer a wonderful chance to make deep and wide progress in a very short time.  The beauty of our location on Queen's Park and the long daylight hours make it easy to work hard and relax.

If you're already an NLP Practitioner certified by NLP Canada Training, you will receive an email explaining the schedule, content, and advantages of Master Practitioner training this summer.

Call 416-928-2394 to register, or to arrange a free consultation with Linda Ferguson to discover how training with NLP Canada Training will move you toward stronger results and increased satisfaction.