May offers last chance for certification before the HST


Sun May 16 - Purpose and Presence through NLP, 10AM - 4:30PM

Thurs May 20 - How to Focus, 7:30pm - 9:30 

Sat/Sun May 29/30 - NLP Certification 1: Focus on Strengths   9am to 6pm

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 for more information.

May will be relatively quiet this month at NLP Canada Training Inc. Chris Keeler is taking some time to recover from back surgery and both he and Linda are busy with plans for next year.  Watch for news in June about our fall schedule and our next symposium!

In the meantime, we encourage newcomers to find time for one of the short programs we are offering in May. They are great ways to experience our training and make decisions about what will work best for you as you move toward goals or through the obstacles that are holding you back.  Any fees you pay for a short program will be deducted from your NLP practitioner certification if you decide to register this summer. It means you will get real value from the program and a risk-free introduction to more extensive work with us.

Linda will be offering a brand new one day course that is going to allow people to step out of their routines, take a mountain-top view of their lives, and make choices about how far they want their vision to extend.  This is not a course in spiritual direction: it's a chance for both practitioners and newcomers to ask themselves questions about how their current goals fit into whatever beliefs they have about a life well-lived.  It's also a chance to notice how the practices of NLP help us be fully present - both for ourselves and for the people with whom we connect.  Master Practitioner, storyteller and teacher John Dafos will join Linda in leading people through exercises that allow them to focus their thoughts and resources on how they want to be present in their lives and what they want to do with that fully-alive and energized presence.

Later the same week, Linda will lead an evening program on How to Focus.  The role of conscious attention in our lives seems to involve moving restlessly from one thing to another, often in search of danger or difficulty.  NLP can help us settle our monkey minds so that we can safely put all of our energy and intellect to work on just one thing at a time.  This is a well-established program (Linda & Chris offered it at the CANLP conference last year) and a great opportunity to experience the NLP Canada Training approach to combining state-of-the-art thinking in neuro-psychology with the practices of NLP.  You'll learn a little about your mind, a little about your brain, and a little about our community and the way we teach.  It's a great program for anyone who'd like to settle into a relaxed and productive focus.

The month wraps up with the first weekend of our NLP Practitioner Certification.  If you are able to attend one of the short programs, you'll be able to talk to trainers and practitioners and find out why this program has been successful in attracting so many terrific, successful and interesting people (find out more by browsing the information and videos about our practitioner/speakers at  If you can't get to a short program, call 416-928-2394 and tell Carole you'd like to arrange a phone call or meeting with Linda. We want you to have all the information you need to make a great choice.